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Heart of Hualalai was built in stages over a period of 20 years, starting in 1977. The original owner, then a single mother with four sons, picked this spot on the slopes of Hualalai for its spectacular views, cooler elevation and abundant flora. When the main house was first built, the four boys who lived in it could go tree-to-tree from here to the ocean without touching the ground. Since that time, a lot has changed in Kona and in the house, but the qualities that made the house special then have been retained and enhanced to create a beautiful and unique estate. 

The property boasts spectacular views of the ever-changing ocean, coastline and its epic sunsets. It is situated at the ideal elevation for natural climate control. It is said that the secret of designing a house in the tropics is for birds to be able to fly though. In order to create airflow, there must be an opening for the breezes to enter that is mirrored by an opening for the breezes to escape. During the day, onshore breezes come from the ocean to the west and at night, cooling air comes down off the mountain to the east. As a result, and because there are ample windows towards both east and west with no obstructions between them, the house is cooled the natural and gentle way.

No matter the time of year, you can sit outside and be warmed by the sun somewhere on the property or, if you prefer, you can sit outside and be shaded from the sun and cooled by the prevailing breezes. The combination of three lanais and other outdoor seating areas, deep eaves, and the sheltering foliage of mature trees creates a uniquely comfortable outdoor environment. There are many places to gather with each other, or to be apart. The unique design of this house allows family, guests, roommates and friends to gather when they wish but also to have private space to themselves. 


The Heart Of Hualalai has all of the earmarks of great tropical design including the beautiful hand crafted windows, the high ceilings and clerestory windows, the raw cut cedar walls, the many built-in seats and nooks, and the beautiful views out of every window. The home was designed by Kona architect John Parazette. 

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